About Us

"Necessity is the mother of invention." In 2012, I needed a large white canvas for an art-installation project. That's when I discovered reclaimed billboards were the perfect medium for that application, but also so much more. My passion for reducing waste plus an awareness of how ubiquitous repurposed materials are, led me to create Misc Materials later that year. I knew it could make a difference for businesses, consumers, and the planet. Misc Materials exists to:

I will always see value in what others call junk, knowing there are endless alternative uses for unwanted materials. Getting it into the hands of crafty people at an affordable price is just icing on the cake. Misc Materials has adaptive solutions for businesses and property owners; buy, sell, list, donate, or save.

We inspect, test, and verify the quality and durability of everything we sell before it goes out the door. Our comprehensive material solutions protect the environment, build stronger communities, and support the local economy.

We're changing how industry sees trash and where makers get creative resources!

Daniel Salmon - Owner/Founder