55 Gallon HDPE Drums

  • Heavy-duty, 55-gallon HDPE plastic drums. 
  • Solid top, 2 ports; may be missing one or both caps (caps available: $4 ea.).
  • Reclaimed; previously used in commercial food production.
  • Previous contents include mineral oil, vinegar, molasses, alcohol, cleaner, etc.
  • Approximately 35" H x 24" W.
  • Most are food-grade; some are not recommended for food/water storage.
  • May be cut with standard cutting tools (we do not provide cutting services).
  • Emptied & unrinsed; rinsing with water recommended (dish soap may help). 
  • Excellent for rain / water storage, animal feed troughs, makeshift pet shelters, garden planters, composting, food barrels and more.
  • White usually available; blue available infrequently (call to check inventory). 

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