Drums: 55 Gallon Plastic

  • Plastic drums; heavy-duty. 
  • Reclaimed; previously used in commercial food production.
  • 55 gallon capacity; NO OTHER SIZES AVAILABLE.
  • Approximately 35" H x 24" W.
  • Most are food-grade; some are not recommended for food/water storage.
  • ALL TOPS ARE SOLID, with two small bungholes/ports; most are missing at least one bung/plug (replacement bungs/caps are available for $4 each). All drums have one fine-pitch-thread bunghole, and one coarse-pitch-thread bunghole.
  • May be cut with standard cutting tools (we do not provide cutting services).
  • Drum contents include mineral oil, cooking oil, molasses, whiskey, bourbon, vinegar, industrial cleaning solutions, and various other food/beverage production materials.
  • Emptied, although some may have small amounts of remnant material.
  • Most are unrinsed, and will require AT LEAST a good rinse with water prior to use; some will require two to three rinses, and/or soap, and/or drying - ask for details.
  • Most contents, except oil, are water soluble; most drums can be easily cleaned with just water, although some may require a bit more work.
  • White versions regularly available; blue versions occasionally available - please text or call to check inventory.
  • Excellent for rain / water storage, animal feed troughs, makeshift pet shelters, garden planters, composting and more.
  • Not all drums are suitable for potable water storage; it is often best to text/call in advance to ensure we have versions that will meet that need.
  • If you require drums for potable water storage, please specify your need to a representative.
  • If more than a few are needed, please call to schedule a pick-up.


$18.00 each for white versions.

$22.00 each for blue versions.

(+7.75% sales tax).

  • Cash price; 2% surcharge for credit cards.
  • 5% off purchases of 10 or more.


  • PICKUP: No appointment required for purchases of 8 or fewer. If 9 or more are required, please text/call to make arrangements.
  • DELIVERY: Available within 100 miles of SLC; please call for pricing & details.


36 W. Fayette Avenue (970 South), Unit #1, Salt Lake City, UT. 84101


Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm; Saturday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm by appointment. 


801-478-6843 ext. 2 (call & text)

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