1/2" Polyiso Insulation

  • New Polyiso / polyisocyanurate insulation sheets.  
  • .5" thick; 4'x8' flat sheets. 
  • Closed-cell, rigid foam core with glass-reinforced facers.
  • Long Term Thermal Resistance Value: R2.8. 
  • Non-load-bearing & not waterproof; moisture barrier recommended.
  • Use in exterior roofing projects; ignition barrier required for interior installation.
  • Water & mold resistant, yet easy to cut. 
  • Great for insulating home, office, shed or workshop; residential or commercial.
  • Factory 2nds - NO WARRANTY minor cosmetic & design flaws. 

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  • High thermal type; noise absorbing. 
  • Provides high R-value per inch in built-up, modified bitumen, metal roof and single ply roof systems.
  • Utilizes a zero ozone depletion blowing agent that provides high thermal insulation performance.
  • Installation/application via hot asphalt, urethane adhesive, mechanical fasteners or loose laid.
  • May be combined with insulating sheathing to create a higher R-value in exterior walls.


  • PICKUP: *APPOINTMENT REQUIRED* - MATERIAL LOCATED OFF-SITE completely flat trailer or truck bed is recommended for side-loading bundles with forklift. Limited hand-loading provided.
  • DELIVERY: Contact us for details.
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  • HOURS: Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 6:00; Saturday 9:00 - 4:00 by pre-arranged appointment. 
  • CONTACT: 801-478-6843 x2; info@miscmaterials.com 

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