A family here in Salt Lake City was getting a home makeover as a surprise Christmas gift. Part of the gift was to create something artistic, modern yet rustic, and personal. One of our regulars, Bryce Hart, had this great idea for repurposing the oak staves from used whiskey barrels - a custom family-name wall-art piece. 

The piece is approximately 5' long and 32" tall. Yes, it weighs over 100 pounds, but its well-anchored into the 2x4 studs in the wall. He used about 1.5 barrels, some reclaimed steel members, and custom stamped letters to create this one-of-a-kind family-name piece. It took Bryce about 12 hours to design, layout, and assemble everything. The finished piece, as you can see, is really sharp.



The whiskey barrel wood gives it a great rustic look, and the polished steel is a nice accent. Great cause and a great finished art piece Bryce! If you are interested in having a custom piece done for your family, or one you know, please contact Innovative Metal Works. Tell 'em Material Resourcers sent you!


Daniel Salmon
Daniel Salmon