Allen Smith, one of our repurposed materials customers sent in these pics of how he used his reclaimed former whiskey barrels in the backyard. He purchased one whole barrel, removed the lid, and put a water pump inside. One of the hoses goes through the bung hole, and another hole was drilled for an overflow spout for his turtle pond. That's one spoiled chelonian!

Repurposed whiskey barrels used as pond pump cover and water capture Repurposed whiskey barrels used in backyard turtle pond project


Allen also used a lengthwise cut half barrel nearby to accentuate the trough pond. His wife planted it with a nice mix of flowers and shrubs. What a great accent piece and conversation starter!


Repurposed whiskey barrel as cradle-style garden box & planter Backyard ideas for repurposed whiskey barrels: garden planter and water capture

There's so many great repurposing options for reclaimed barrels, but we've only scratched the surface. Share an idea you made or even saw on Pinterest with us by clicking HERE

Daniel Salmon
Daniel Salmon