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Burlap, Barrels and Tarps, oh my!  We've got an array of reclaimed materials perfect for your project.  Storage, Shelving, Display Pieces, Office Furniture, Filing Cabinets, Seating, Drafting Tables, etc.

This is the inside of our new warehouse. Just a few weeks ago, it was empty, but, obviously, it didn't stay that way! We added a bunch of pallet racking, then filled it to the ceiling with amazing repurposed materials. Some of our available items include repurposed billboard signs, former whiskey and wine barrels, burlap coffee bags, office furniture, display cases, and much more. You'll also see our brave little engine that could, Tommy the Toyota forklift! He keeps things moving smoothly around here, and we're glad we added him to our team. (And, yes, that's Hulk and Iron Man keeping a watchful eye on things!)
Just a note about potential uses for some of our items:
- Billboard signs make excellent pond liners, weed barrier, and tarps. In the summer, they're also awesome slip and slides, and, at 48' long, and 10 mil thick, they make other water slides look like child's play!
- Barrels can be used as furnishings, planters, decorations and more. They can be disassembled, and their individual pieces can be used to create much more.
See something that interests you? Shoot us a message, give us a call (801-478-6843) or stop by Mondays through Fridays, 9 am to 5 pm.

Micah Salmon
Micah Salmon


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