November 6th, 2014 - Salt Lake City, Utah

As a "thank you" for the unique business relationship Material Resourcers enjoys with Uinta Brewing Company, we created a very special gift for them. Using reclaimed whiskey barrels from Uinta's aged-beer production, Material Resourcer's owner Daniel Salmon worked with Utah industrial-artist Bryce Hart of Innovative Metal Works to create an iconic, rustic piece highlighting Uinta's brand and commitment to sustainability. The piece was presented to Uinta founder, Will Hamill, at Uinta's corporate meeting room. His reaction: "Man! That sign is beautiful."

The finished piece is a 40"x 30" steel-framed mural with the Uinta "compass" logo at its center. The logo was created using 2 pieces of steel sheeting, overlaid, and finished to give them a clean/aged finish. The background is made entirely of whiskey barrel staves which show through holes in the logo as well as the edges. Uinta expects to install it inside the reception area of their new bottling facility. The mural weighs about 70 pounds, uses 16 oak barrel staves, and features welded steel in 2 different finishes. 

In mid-2013, Uinta Brewing Company chose Material Resourcers as the exclusive "repurposer" of its spent oak barrels. These former whiskey barrels are used to age Uinta's Crooked Line of hand-crafted, high point beers. But after a couple rounds of aging, the barrels can no longer impart their flavors to the beers. Rather than toss them, they were warehoused with the hope that someone could do something useful with them. We began repurposing and selling them to DIY customers throughout Utah. The barrels have been turned into bathroom sink vanities, liquor cabinets, landscape decorations, home furnishings, and now, authentic rustic art.

We are proud to partner with Uinta Brewing Company in their effort to reduce waste and environmental impacts. Material Resourcers provides excess, byproduct, remnant, and alternative material solutions  for industrial, manufacturing, and production companies. To learn more about our repurposed material solutions, contact us now.

Large image of repurposed whiskey barrel piece presented to Uinta Brewing Company (L to R: Bryce hart (Innovative Metal Works), Daniel Salmon (Owner - Material Resourcers), Will Hamill (Founder - Uinta Brewing Company

Left to Right: Bryce Hart (Innovative Metal Works), Daniel Salmon (Owner - Material Resourcers), Will Hamill (Founder & Owner - Uinta Brewing Company)

Large close up of repurposed whiskey barrel art piece using logo from Uinta Brewing company

Daniel Salmon
Daniel Salmon


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