We Can Make Your Dreams Come True (Well, Within Reason)

Reclaimed process water chiller being prepared to ship to a distillery in New Mexico, helping the owners' dreams come true.   Reclaimed process water chiller being loaded for it's journey to New Mexico to help a group of friends open their dream distillery.

Several friends in New Mexico are opening a distillery and needed a process water chiller. After searching high and low, and finding only frustratingly expensive equipment, they contacted us and found exactly what they needed, saving thousands in the process!

Of course, being several states away, and teleportation technology being sketchy at best, they thought they'd have to drive up to Salt Lake to pick it up. With a little legwork, however, we were able to find them a great deal on freight transport, and get it to them safely and quickly.

We love it when we have the opportunity to help others achieve their dreams, and, if that means jumping through various hoops to make that happen, we're more than happy to help! If you need a billboard sign, barrel, or any of our other material, live elsewhere and want it shipped, give us a call and we'll do our best to find the fastest, cheapest way to help make your dreams come true!

You can reach us at 801-478-6843, info@materialresourcers.com, or 36 W Fayette Ave, Unit 1, SLC, UT 84101.

Micah Salmon
Micah Salmon


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