Material Resourcers Welcomes New Reclamation Manager

Our new Reclamation Manager's first day on the job.  He has no idea what he's getting into!    Our new Reclamation Manager.  Is he working hard or hardly working?

We are pleased to welcome a new member to our team!  Micah Salmon, brother of the owner of Material Resourcers, Daniel, recently moved from Florida to join us as our new Reclamation Manager.  Micah brings a lot to the table, especially good looks, machismo, and the ability to both walk and chew gum at the same time.  In all honestly, we're excited to see how his skills will help Material Resourcers move forward with our Reclamation division.  If you call or come by to pick up a billboard sign or barrel, you'll most likely bump into him.  So, be nice to our new guy, welcome him to our fair city, and remind him ad naseum to visit Temple Square.  ;)

Daniel Salmon
Daniel Salmon


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