New Shipment of Wine Barrels Just Arrived

A 53' semi-truck trailer full of beautiful wine barrels.  Each one is unique, and perfect for your project.   A barrel stands alone against the world, searching for it's purpose.  How would you repurpose it?

We recently received a HUGE shipment of beautiful red wine barrels.  Each barrel is about 37" tall and 28" around, made of solid oak and held together by steel bands.  Plus, each one features one-of-a-kind marking from the fermenting process, making each barrel unique.  Some barrels have heavier coloring than others, but we discovered that with a little sanding, the red color comes right off to reveal beautiful, clean oak below.  

These barrels respond very well to sanding.  The red coloring is only skin deep.  Beautiful either way!  Would you believe this barrel was once dark red?  Some sanding and finishing really make a difference!

These barrels can be cut in half to be used as planters, or, install shelving and you've got a unique storage/display option.  Whatever you choose to do with them, rest assured you've got the real deal on your hands: professional cooper-built barrels designed to stand the test of time.  

We offer these barrels complete for $115, planter-cut halves for $72.50, and cradle-cut halves for $85.  We also have a variety of individual staves available for $2 each, and bands for $5 each; they make great materials for your hand-built projects.  

Give us a call at 801-478-6843!

Daniel Salmon
Daniel Salmon


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